Luke’s at Tenants Harbor Hosts SGBA Networking Event

ST. GEORGE, JUNE 28, 2018 RELEASE—More than fifty members of the St. George Business Alliance (SGBA) gathered at Luke’s at Tenants Harbor on Tuesday evening, June 19, to network and meet members of the Tenants Harbor Fisherman’s Co-op who, with Luke’s, co-hosted the after-hours event. For SGBA’s business owners, artists and residents, the event was an opportunity to share news, enjoy local seafood, and relax a bit before the season’s influx of tourists and summer homeowners.

The weather was perfect; the view of boats bobbing in Tenants Harbor as pretty as a picture postcard. By the time SGBA members and guests began to arrive, Merritt Carey, Luke’s manager, had briefed her wait staff on the evening’s service. “We’re using this event as a ‘soft opening,’” she explained, “before we open to the public on Thursday, June 21.” As servers moved among the guests—offering mini-crab rolls and slaw, sliders and fries, chowder and drink refills—Merritt watched and listened. SGBA’s event provided her with a unique opportunity to observe her young staff—many of them local teens, recent high school graduates and college students home for the summer—taking care of customers in actual serving situations.

Midway through the evening, SGBA President Sandra Hall and VP Jake Miller announced the organization’s July events, invited attendees to walk with SGBA in the St. George Days Parade, and recognized Julia Kurr, Oceanside Class of 2018, as the first St. George graduate to be awarded an SGBA scholarship. Miller noted that the organization funded the scholarship with ad sales in its “Welcome to St. George” Visitors Guide. Thanking members for their support, he reminded them to place their orders for the newest Guide printed by Camden Printing in Rockland.

As the sun began to set, Merritt and her serving team sliced blueberry pies and arranged the evening’s “piece de resistance”—a “Fisherman’s Feed” buffet of freshly steamed lobster, corn and potatoes nestled in beds of seaweed—on a table made of planks and lobster traps.

Located on the old Miller’s Wharf since 2016, Luke’s at Tenants Harbor is one of 19 lobster shacks owned by Luke Holden and his partners. Holden sits on the board of the 15-member Tenants Harbor Fisherman’s Co-op and Luke’s sister company, Cape Seafood, is the guaranteed buyer of every lobster hauled by the Co-op’s members. In return, Luke ensures that 50 percent of the local shack’s profits go back to the Co-op.

The SGBA is a non-profit trade association of 150+ local business owners, professionals, artists, community organizations and residents working together to promote business and cultural prosperity in St. George. The SGBA thanks Luke’s and the Tenants Harbor Fisherman’s Co-op for hosting its first after-hours event of the season. In the busy months ahead, we invite tourists, summer renters and local residents to support our St. George businesses. Our doors will be open and we look forward to serving you!

For a directory of SGBA members, see SGBA’s website… For Luke’s locations, hours and menu, go to’s-at-tenants-harbor.