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Contact: Tamara Cody
Work 3 Factory Road Saint George ME 04855 Cell Phone: 2076917255Work Phone: 2073728100


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I have owned Port Clyde Kayaks since 2004. I have lived on the water my whole life and feel a deep connection with the ocean. I spent time on the Connecticut shoreline, the Hudson River, Maui, Hawaii, Florida and Puerto Rico, and I find Maine to be one of the most spectacular places I have ever lived. When I moved to Port Clyde it seemed to be a perfect place to host sea kayak tours. That has turned out to be true and we have had visitors from all over the world return year after year to enjoy our peace of paradise. Every time I paddle out I am in awe of the natural beauty surrounding Port Clyde Harbor. I love to share our special location with tourists from all around the world.

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3 Factory Road Saint George ME 04855