Woolamena’s Wool Witch Designs

What is woolcraft? In Maggie Moran’s hands, it’s the artful combination of several fiber art techniques to create landscapes and cityscapes from fabric, yarn, wool fibers, and about anything else she finds that will further her artistic vision. She embroiders, felts, knits and sews to combine soft elements into imaginative, whimsical and collectible fine works of fiber art collage. Fond memories of the click-click of knitting needles, the smell of wet wool, and the whir of her mother’s sewing machine led Maggie back to her early craft roots. Maggie’s inspiration today flows from many sources: a thrift shop outing, walking the trails along a nearby creek, or simply rummaging through her vast (but never enough) fiber stash. Maggie’s vision is also informed by extensive travel and she often works from her own photographs from those journeys. She relishes coming up with her own designs and uses methods developed through her own experimentation. Part of honoring her childhood memories is respecting the playful side of her muse, so often Maggie’s alter-ego – Woolamena, the Wool Witch – appears in Maggie’s studio. Woolamena is a free spirit, happy to create soft sculpture, ornaments, fiber vessels and just about anything that tickles her fancy. Maggie Moran practices woolcraft in her Tenants Harbor studio. To see Maggie’s fine and fun textile art visit

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