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At Ancho Honey, we want to solve a simple problem. Picture it: You’re staring into your half-empty refrigerator, mentally calculating the time it will take to get to Rockland to buy groceries, and come home to fix yourself a meal. Or maybe it’s a thousand degrees in your sweltering kitchen, and the thought of turning on the stove sends you into a panic. Maybe you’re burnt out on the usual meals you cook for yourself, and want to grab something inexpensive and easy, without making a whole thing out of sitting a restaurant. Or maybe you just really, really could go for a burrito.

Our to-go case is always stocked with heat-and-serve meals that are available right when you need them. From comforting takes on classic dishes, to creative interpretations of globally-influenced flavors, we want you to know that any time you come to Ancho Honey, you will find something new and delicious.

What drives our menu? Because our specials change from week-to-week, we don’t offer a permanent or printed menu. Our biggest driving principle is creating the food we love, that we simply can’t find easily locally; scratch-made Indian curries, Mediterranean grilled meats, or Yucatecan tacos are featured during our “hot and ready” meal service each Friday, from 4-7pm. During other hours, you’ll find a mix of the exotic and the classic, the genre-bending and the dishes your mom probably used to make. This means that on any given day, it’s not unusual to see a Chinese Orange Crispy Chicken Burrito riding sidesaddle next to a microwaveable tray of Classic Beef Stroganoff in our to-go case.

Check Facebook often for our latest featured dishes, or feel free to call us at (207) 372-2111 for a rundown of the specials for the week. And if you’re looking for the hard-to-find garnishes, relishes, sauces, and seasonings that will make your own home cooking truly pop, we’ve got those too, in our retail section.

All of our to-go meals are portioned to serve two people, and contain approximately 1-3/4 pounds of food; they’re substantial enough to feed a couple, or depending on the kind of day you’ve had, last you through a few marathoned episodes of Stranger Things. Stop in and see us, and let’s get you something to eat.

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