The St. George Business Alliance is a collective of business owners, non-profits, professionals, artists, community organizations and residents working together to promote the businesses and cultural prosperity of St. George, Maine.

  • Jake Miller, President, St. George Resident and First National Bank,¬†Affiliate Member
  • Greg Soutiea, Vice President, Craignair Inn and The Causeway Restaurant
  • Sandra Hall, Treasurer, St. George Resident, Retired Postmaster
  • Wendy Carr, Secretary, St. George Resident, Retired Attorney
  • Jo Ann Hoppe, Facebook Team, Blueberry Moose, Affiliate Member
  • Ryan LeShane, Web Administrator, Director, U-Maine/Blueberry Cove Camp
  • Diane Hall, Visitor’s Guide, True Hall Real Estate and Real Finds¬†Consignment Shop